Best Elk Antlers for Dogs

As dog owners, we want nothing but the best for our furry companions. When it comes to chew toys, elk antlers have gained significant popularity. Not only do they provide hours of entertainment, but they also offer a host of benefits for our dogs' dental health. In...

Split Antlers for Dogs

Dogs love natural treats like elk antlers - especially if they're split elk antlers. Split elk antlers are different from whole antlers in that they have been... you guessed it... split open/apart. So, why do we split all of our antlers open? The outer layer of our...

Are antlers safe for dogs as treats?

As a dog owner, you want to give your pet something to chew on. It's fun and good for their teeth. Some dog owners like antlers. However, antlers may not be safe for dogs to chew on. We'll examine dog antler chew treats' safety in this piece. Antlers from deer, elk,...

Elk Antlers for Dogs

Elk antler is a natural, healthy, and nutritious dog treat that is great for dental health and can keep even power chewers occupied.  If you're curious about whether you should get elk antlers for your dog, we hope to answer some questions in this article like:...

Elk Antler Dog Treats

100% Natural

Elk ANtlers

Our treats are from Grade A elk antlers found on the ground each Spring after they are naturally dropped/shed by elk every year in the Rocky Mountains.

Healthy Treats

Elk Antlers are full of minerals and are 100% natural/organic to keep your dog healthy.

Happy Dogs

Dogs love to chew. It keeps them occupied and it’s a natural instinct. Elk antler chews will keep even the busiest chewer occupied for days.

Happy Owners

Giving your dog natural elk horn treats and seeing them happy will make you happy.