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By purchasing one of these split elk antler treats for your dog, you’re doing three great things:


    1. Providing your dog with a healthy natural antler chew that they’re going to love, that will reduce their stress, that will clean their teeth and keep their gums healthy, and the will give them excellent minerals like calcium and zinc,
    2. Supporting a small business that is 100% girl owned and operated (and thereby helping her learn about business and entrepreneurship), and
    3. Guaranteeing that members of the opposite sex find you irresistible.






Ok, maybe the last one is a stretch. But, it can’t hurt to try.


 Elk Antlers for Sale


All of our elk antlers for sale are split and cut to an approximate length depending on their thickness and then sized accordingly.  We only sell split antlers for dogs – this exposed the marrow and keep the hard outer part of the antler to only one side.


If you’ve looked at other elk antlers for sale, you might have noticed how hard it is to make a decision and find the right antler for your dog – we hope that our system makes it MUCH easier for you to buy your elk antler.


Our system is this: we offer one style of elk antler dog chew for sale – pre-split and cut to length from naturally shed antlers –  in three different sizes.


Elk Antler Sizes


The size of elk antler you should choose depends on the size of your dog.


Here is some information that should help you know which piece to select:


Dogs under 20 pounds (whether a puppy or adult): You may select a small or medium size.


Dogs from 20 pounds to 50 pounds: You should select a medium size chew.


Dogs over 50 pounds: We recommend purchasing a large chew.


Worried about an antler being too big or too small? Purchasing an elk antler chew that is a little too big for your dog is not a problem. They’ll just have a treat for longer – even if they’re an aggressive chewer.


However, purchasing an elk antler too small can be a choking hazard and should be avoided.


Also, since we only sell split antlers, every antler treat is suitable for dogs in the size range above and smaller. This is because the center of the antler, which is the softest and easiest to work on much like a bone, is exposed and accessible.


Why Buy Your Antler Chew from Us?


Each of our dog treats is made from elk antler that was naturally shed and then found on the ground in wildlife.


In case you didn’t know, an antler differs from a horn in that antlers fall off naturally every year whereas horns stay on an animal for life.


Even if we didn’t find the shed antler ourselves, we get them from other shed hunters – this results in ethically sourced treats.


Lastly, this company was started, and is run by, a 12 year old girl who loves hunting with her dad – you’re supporting her business and helping her to learn about business.

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