Your Dog's Life is Too Short to Waste on Junk Treats

Your dog gets 12 years with their best friend, if they're lucky.

Junk treats are full of chemicals and questionable ingredients, they may not agree with your dog's digestive system, they don't last long, and they can make a mess.

Treats are a way for us to say "I Love You!" - what does giving your dog junk treats say?

Elk Antler Treats for Dogs

Nature's perfect dog treat that keeps them healthy, happy, and occupied.

Nutrients, minerals, clean teeth, and days of chewing

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Kid Owned

This business is 100% owned and operated (with her dad's help) by an elementary school-aged girl. She loves getting out and hunting for elk antlers and her dad loves the education she gets running her own company.

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Natural Chews

Our treats are from Grade A elk antlers found on the ground each Spring after they are shed by elk every year in the Rocky Mountains.

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Healthy Treats

Elk antlers are full of minerals and are 100% natural/organic to keep your dog healthy.

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Happy Dogs

Dogs love to chew. It keeps them occupied and is a natural instinct. Elk antler chews will keep even the busiest chewer occupied for days.

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