Elk Antlers for Dogs

Elk Antlers for Dogs

Elk antler is a natural, healthy, and nutritious dog treat that is great for dental health and can keep even power chewers occupied. 

If you're curious about whether you should get elk antlers for your dog, we hope to answer some questions in this article like:

  • Do antlers make good dog treats?
  • Why should I get elk antler chews from AZ Antlers?
  • Which is better for my dog, Elk antlers or Deer antlers?
  • Are antler chews safe?

Do Antlers Make Good Dog Treats?

It's safe to assume that we love antler dog chews - after all, we sell them. :)

But why do we love an antler chew, specifically an elk antler chew, as a dog treat? 

That's easy: elk antler is nature's perfect dog chew! 

Chewing antlers is great for your dog (even if they're an aggressive chewer) because they're good for their teeth and they are full of nutrients and minerals.

Our large dog loves them so much that he carries a piece of antler around as his favorite dog toy. We don't mind because it keeps him happy and active and it actually helps clean his teeth instead of making his breath worse like bully sticks (which are gross by the way - do you know what bully sticks are made from?)

When he was just a puppy, he'd gnaw on our small size elk antler chew but now that he's bigger, he really loves our large size split elk antler.

A split elk antler won't last as long but it makes for a great treat because it allows for a softer chew from the inside of the antler but it still has the outside of the elk antler for fervid chew sessions.

When you're selecting an antler for your dog, make sure you match the size of the antler to the dog. For example, our small antler is for a puppy or small dog, our medium elk antler is for medium to large dogs (especially if they're a hard chewer), and our large antler is great as an all-around treat (works for all sizes). 

If you're looking for the best flavor or want a better choice for an older dog or soft chewer), check out any of our split antlers.

Elk antler is really an unbeatable chew treat!

If we have them in stock, you should pick some antlers up today before they're gone. 

Why Should I Get Elk Antler Chews from AZ Antlers?

This question is even easier than the one above! 

If you already understand how great antlers are as treats and chew toys for your dog and are ready to get some - you need to search for the following three things:

First, you want to make sure that you get only the best grade A antler chew.  

Second, you want to make sure that the dog chew comes from naturally shed antlers.

Third, you want to make sure you're getting the antlers at a great price (and from a good company).

AZ Antlers offers al three of these!

Our elk antlers are premium, they are made only from naturally she antlers (ye, we really walk around the woods finding antlers dropped from elk each year), and you'd be hard pressed to find a better price or a better company (our company is founded and run by a 12-year old girl with some help from her father as a lesson in entrepreneurship).

The only downside to us? Because we're a small operation, we sometimes run out of antlers with no notice. So, if you see antlers in stock and you're thinking about getting them, you might want to pounce while you can.


Elk vs Deer Antlers for Dog Chews

Antler dog chews aren't always made rom elk antler - in fact, many of the antler chews you find dogs in stores and online, especially the cheapest ones, are actually made out of deer antler.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), deer antler is harder than elk antler (not great for a dog's teeth) and elk antlers vary in density in different parts of the antler which provides for unique chewing experiences.

Also, elk antlers are large enough diameter (elk and their antlers are much bigger than deer) to allow for a split antler as great treat.

And, although this can happen with any bone or antler, we've seen more sharp edges on split deer antlers than elk antlers which tend to chew away instead of snap into pieces.

Are Antler Chews Safe?

Yes, antlers are generally safe for dogs.

However, you should supervise your dog with an antler the firs time they try one to see how they behave and you should keep an eye on the antler chew to make sure it's not splitting, getting sharp edges, or getting too small so that it might be a choking hazard.

Also, if your dog goes crazy after their antler and isn't gentle with it, then they can run the risk of cracking their teeth (especially if the antler is too hard). This is why we love our split antlers so much that expose the softer inside of the antler.

Be careful and use good judgment. 

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